10. Juni 2007 3 Von blogstone

[inspic=961,left,gal,thumb]My birthday started at midnight with a wilkyway candle in „On Broadway“ club in San Diego downtown, because Rahel, Seline, Adrien, Baptist and me went out on saturday evening. Unfortunately my hostsister Carola was still sick and stayed at home. The first congratulator was my girlfriend from Switzerland by a textmessage. After celebrating my birthday we went home by cab and had very luck, the first fantastic cab driver in San Diego!

[inspic=964,left,gal,thumb]On sunday morning I got up at 9 and after a shower, I received a call from my family. After that, Nancy, Elisson, Carola and me went for a brunch to The Misson. I ate a croissant with cheese and eggs, while Carola took a pancake with strawberrys and bananas and Elisson and Nancy choosed a burrito. It was a beautiful start in a sunday morning, I just missed the Sonntagszeitung.

[inspic=971,left,gal,thumb]Returning at home, I spoke with my girlfriend and also with her brother. A courir brought me some birthday ballons and a chocolate gift from my girlfriend, that was a wonderful surprise. After our talk I had to prepare together with Carola and Nancy the stuff for the bbq in the evening, because I invited my San Diego friends for a birthday party. Just after 5 pm, punctual as in Switzerland, my friends arrived. We had a great bbq and I received an outstanding gift for me and my girlfriend – a champagne brunch cruise on sunday morning after her arrival and also some vouchers for GAP and American Eagle. Thank you very much again!

I also have to say thank you to my family and my girlfriend for calling and to Roger, Sibylle, Simon, Funda, Gaby, Nadja, Martina, Martial, Andrea, Corine, Aebi, Lobo, Mätthe, Bettina, Patrick and Katrin for the textmessages and Carola and Nancy for bbq preparation and help in the evening. If someone sent my a textmessage to my Swiss cellphone, unfortunately I didn’t get it, because my cellphone isn’t in service here. Perhaps I will see the message after my comeback to Switzerland, otherwise send me an e-mail or add a message to this entry.