bodyguard mission

18. Juni 2007 2 Von blogstone

This morning Carola and me picked up Rahel and then we went shopping in a mall closed to Rahel’s home. I bought two new trousers and a shirt. The girls were looking for luggage for their camptrip. They found easily one good bag, but they need two. I have never seen girls compare some bags – this is too small, this is not good enough – it was funny. Almost one hour later they agreed and bought two bags.

After our shopping trip we went to Little Italy for lunch and a delicious ice cream. 
Little Italy in San Diego
Little Italy – Carola and Rahel enjoying their ice cream

[inspic=1026,left,gal,thumb]Afterwards we drove to La Jolla to visit the seals, some shops and to drink a coffee in Starbucks near to International Center for American English (ICAE), our school for the last 12 weeks. The time was flying so fast that we almost forgot to be in time home for dinner.

After this tough shopping day with Carola and Rahel, I was looking forward for an easy going evening at home. After dinner Carola and me watched a crime serie in televison, while Nancy was busy on the phone. Today a prisoner was released and Nancy was his mentor when he was a child and had to go to jail. She has still a good relationship with him and believe in him. The problem is that he was illegal in America and he has no certificate of birth from Mexico. Nancy was trying to get one but up to now without success. So they sent him back to Mexico today.

Since yesterday his girlfriend should pick up some money for him that he can survive, but she didn’t appear. It seems that his girlfriend is really unreliable, because she had always an excuse why she didn’t come. Around dinner she promised again to pick up the money in the next hour, but nobody came. At 10 pm Nancy decided to go to Tijuana to bring him the money by her self. I went with her like a bodyguard, while Carola stayed at home to watch for Allison. While we were crossing the boarder, the unreliable girlfriend appeared at Nancy’s home and told an other story for missing the appointment. Fortunately, Nancy and me found this guy directly after the boarder. He was in company with an other released prisoner. The situation looked not very dangerous, but I was happy after crossing the boarder back to America and nothing happened.

A special story for today and we are still alive.