bye bye Carola

25. Juni 2007 1 Von blogstone

This morning I lost my hostsister Carola. We had to drove to the airport by cap because Nancy’s car broke down yesterday evening. Carola flew with Rahel to San Francisco to start a camp trip there next Sunday for five weeks. I felt really sad to say good bye to my very best hostsister. We had an amazing time together, thank you again for being so nice to me. Your friendship is priceless and I hope we will see us in Switzerland.

Carola and Rahel at San Diego Airport

After saying goodbye to the two travellers, I took the bus to Downtown, Oldtown and then home because it was to early for shopping in Downtown, all shops in Horton Plaza were still closed. I arrived 1.5 hours later at home and chated with my sister to discuss the open positions for KVfäscht 2007 on next friday. In the afternoon I jumped in the pool and read in my Ken Follett book to get preoccupied. I also phoned with Adrien and John, they are closed to Lake Tahoe on their trip and received some textmessages from Rahel and Seline. I’m looking forward to Saturday evening when my princess will arrive!