bye Rahel

28. Juni 2007 1 Von blogstone

I slept out in the morning and then I worked for the party on Friday in Switzerland. It’s not easy to organise a party like the KVfäscht from San Diego. But fortunately I have enough staff at home who support me. In the afternoon Adrien and Baptist came over from their motel in Downtown to my house. They told me about their trip and we shared all our SD fotos.

At 3.30 pm we drove to Penne’s mobilehome in Mission Bay to meet Rahel and her boyfriend. They were also back from their roundtrip with the convertible car. It was nice to see Rahel again, unfortunately she and her boyfriend have to go back tomorrow morning – see you in Switzerland.

After dinner I drove Downtown to go out with the two boys. But first they had to take a pit stop at Jack in the Box for a really healthy junkfood dinner. Then we drove with a cab to PB Bar & Grill in Pacific Beach.