iPhone hype

29. Juni 2007 3 Von blogstone

This morning I slept out till I received a call from my parents, because I forgot to tell them that my girlfriend should take the moviecam with her to SD. After breakfast I was on duty for KVfäscht 2007 and called with my sister. In addition to this I began to organise and pack my stuff in my room. Imagine how much stuff to accumulate during 3 months.

In the afternoon Adrien and Baptist picked me up and we went to the University Towne Center (UTC). It’s a huge outdoor shoppingmall with 188 stores and an icefield. That’s not a joke, in the middle of the foodshops is a real icefield for ice-skating or playing hockey. But today was an other attraction in UTC. In front of the Apple store was a huge line. All people were waiting for the 6 pm sale of the iPhone. While we arrived there were perhaps 100 freaks in the line, waiting with chairs and notebooks or ipods but at 5 pm the subscribers for the iPhone were uncountable – the power of marketing! Good luck guys, I hope there are enough phones.

iPhone hype
unbelievable, the queue for an Iphone in front of the Apple store in UTC, San Diego

the line for the iPhone – he it’s just a phone

the icefield in the UTC shoppingmall