18. April 2007 5 Von blogstone

Today we had some pre-exams. It was a one to one test like Cambridge Advanced Exams. First reading, than writting, after lunch my „favorite“ part english in use and finally listening. Tomorrow we will have the speaking party. I’m not sure about today’s result of this pre-test. It was not as difficult as I expect the Advanced test, but there were some complicated parts inside english in use and during the listening exam. If I had a good feeling after tests in Switzerland, then it was almost the opposite result. I’m not sure who it will be here, we will see.

World CurryAfter school we went to Seaworld to buy a seasonal pass. Because it will be the same price than for a 1 day pass if you buy it before end of april. Then we drove back to PB for school dinner at World Curry. The restaurant looks very strange and I couldn’t believe that it would be the best take away in town. But that was a prejudice, than our meals were very good and we enjoyed to wind down after the exams. We met some other students form school, which I had never talk before. That was good for socialising and networking.

Now I have to prepare my speaking test for tomorrow. On Friday we will go to LA for a 3 day trip. I have also to organise  some things for this trip, because I’m the tourguide. Always the same, once a guide always a organizer. 😉


Checker Todd – one of my best teachers

Please feel free to correct my first english blog entry. Simon and Beat, I look forward to hearing from you soon!