Regents College Off Campus Housing

24. Juni 2009 0 Von blogstone

Regents College offers now Off Campus Housing. As mentioned on the website has the College rent a number of rooms at Nido Student Living, an off campus hall of residence in Kings Cross. Single rooms are provided with a bed, desk and desk chair, an easy chair, a pedestal under the desk with drawers, a noticeboard and a wardrobe.  The kitchenette is equipped with a refridgerator with freezer shelf, a two burner hob, a kettle and a microwave.

The costs for one semester are £10,430 and the rooms look really nice and the building provides game spaces, a cafe, movie screening and a fitness centre. That souns good, but you will miss the ambience of Reid Hall and have to commute every morning to school. Living on campus is just more convenient and a lot more fun for one semester 😉

More information about Regents College accomodation: