review week seven

13. Mai 2007 0 Von blogstone

Tuesday, May 8
In the morning I was so tired that I decided to go to the doctor because since I’m here I have problems to sleep. There was no night with more than 4 hours sleep on one part. Mostly I wake up between 3 or 4 am and can’t sleep anymore. I tryed already different ways to sleep and rearange the position of my bad, but nothing helped. The doctor prescribed me some sleepmedicine.

Wednesday, May 9
We skiped the afternoon class and went skydiving. That was a great experience! Unfortunately the movie ist too big to ad to I will show it you when I will be back in Switzerland.

Thursday, May 10
After school I rode home with the bus because the others went to the park. I decided to have some time for me to wind down so I went to the UTC shoppingmall for a small spa-treatement. Just pedicure and manicure, but the massage-chair was beautiful and relaxing. According to this treatement I was content and relaxed.

Friday, May 11
Thank god it´s friday (TGIF), the seventh school week is over. After school Baptist and I drove home to change our clothes and then we went to Harbor to met Carola, Sonja, Martina, Sandra, Rahel, Riccarda and Mario. The Harbor park is very beautiful with a lot of small shoppingstores and a great view to San Diego Downtown. We saw a nice yacht with a helicopter landing place on it. We ate at a fine restaurant with ocean view. The food was good but not really cheap, doesn’t matter we are just once in San Diego. After eating we met Adrien and went to Downtown for outgoing. While Baptist, Adrien and I went to a pub, the others decided to go to Fridays.

Sandra and me

not MiB (Men in Black) but MSB (Mario, Stefan and Baptist)

Saturday, May 12
[inspic=803,left,gal,thumb]Caro, Baptist and I went  to the famous San Diego Zoo.  It was a great day in a beautiful green landscape but most of the animals have really small cages. After dinner we went to Downtown again and coincidentally we met Seline and Rachel. They had some free tickets left for the On Broadway club and they invented us. First we got the stamp in the club and then we went to the Marriott hotel. On the roof of the hotel is a bar/lounge. But the queue before the lift was about 45 minutes and we decided to go back directly to On Broadway. We enjoyed the time in the club.

Sunday, May 13
In the morning i phoned with my princess and after we went to the Coronado Beach to relax. It was a sunny day but a little bit windy. Caro, Adrien, Mario and I went into the water, but it was very very cold. The Coronado Beach ist the most beautiful beach here in San Diego and in my opinion much cleaner than the beach in Del Mar. It was a pleasure just to be there and wind down.

a small house on Coronado Island