San Diego Zoo

12. Mai 2007 0 Von blogstone

[inspic=782,left,gal,thumb]Today Caro, Baptist and I went to the famous San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park. First we took the guided bus tour through the hole San Diego Zoo. The double-decker bus offered a great overview.

After the tour we decided to walk back to some cages to see the Koalas, Camels, Elephants, Lions and Bears again and have more time to take pictures. With the Skyfari, a  cable railway,  we reached the north of the Zoo to see the Polar Bears. They have a huge cage in contrast to the most other animals. Then we walked to the Panda Research Station. There were two big Panda, but both were sleeping. The Gorillas in the next cage were also tired. We went back past the Tigers to the Entrance.

Summarized it was a great day in a beautiful green landscape but most of the animals have really small cages and a lot of theme were tired. It’s not easy to say which park, San Diego Zoo or the Wild Animal Park, is better. In contrast to the Zoo the animals in the Wild Animal Park have more space to walk around but in the Zoo there are more green spaces like a tropical jungle. I enjoyed both parks.