SeaWorld by night

22. Juni 2007 0 Von blogstone

Today Carola, Rahel and me went to Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach or OB is a place for hippies and people like this and it’s next to Dog Beach. On the parkingfield we saw a lot of old VW buses – the seventies are back. We enjoyed the sunshine to wind down and relax. The ocean was really cold and I was less than 5 minutes inside.

For dinner Rahel suggest a salad buffet close to her hosthouse. Souplantation offer a lot of different salads, also pizza and pasta and some cookies and fruits for dessert, all you can eat for less than 10 bugs. The dinner was really healthy, except my chocolate dessert.

After dinner we drove to SeaWorld. First we went to Sea Lions Tonite show. I expexted more presentations from the sea lions, but most time the animateurs were in the spotlight with a typical american show. Then we walked to Sea Turtles Encounter. Unfortunately the sea turtles were always in the water – sorry Doris not a good time for pictures.  This time the Penguin Encounter was open and we saw a lot different penguins in a really small cage.

At 8.45 pm started the Riptide show on a stage in the middle of the park. It was a amazing show with drums, acrobatics, street dance and athletic. After this powerful show we walked to Shamu Stadium for the special Shamu Rocks show at 9.30 pm. The special summer night show was outstanding with the light, sound and the performance of the whales. The evening ended with a fireworks in the sky – almost like 1. August in Switzerland.

Sea Lions Tonite show

sea turtle

Shamu Rocks show

Rahel and Carola with Sandman

Shamu Rocks movie