9. Mai 2007 3 Von blogstone

[inspic=768,left,gal,thumb]This afternoon we went skydiving – what a crazy idea. Pacific Coast Skydiving company is located in the south of San Diego near to the boarder of Mexico. After lunchtime we drove about 40 minutes and the first impression was not really satisfied. The small and old airport looked like a ghost town and we thought we take the wrong direction.

First we had to sign a lot of paperwork. Nobody understand the paragraphes but who cares! Chris and his girlfriend Andrea were the first two jumpers. Everything worked and after 40 seconds freefall and another 8 minutes flight they reached the world safe and sound. So the first impression was false and we had time to enjoy the time. After Andrea and Chris, Kathrin and Dani gots ready for skydiving, while we were watching the movie of chris jump. The plane took off and after 30 minutes they landed on the ground.

So then it was up to Baptist and me. My heartbeat increased. We got into the plan and there was no way back. The view out of the very small plane was great – San Diego, Coronado and Mexico. When we reached the right height, Baptist and his instructor jumped out. There was no time to reflect. Just some seconds later my instructor and I jumped also out of the plane. It was amazing, two saltos and about 30 to 40 seconds freefall. I thought I didn’t receive enough air but everything was ok. After landing I was down and needed some time to get back. But it was a great, no a amazing and awesome feeling!

After our jumps we want to go eating in Oldtown but Kathrin lost the key in the trunk of our car and all doors were closed. We tried to phone the rental company but they had already closed. We were lucky that a mechanic could open one door with a wire. 1 hour later we went to Oldtown for dinner.

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