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26. Juni 2007 4 Von blogstone

[inspic=1046,left,gal,thumb]This morning I drove with Nancy to Downtown, because we had to pick up the „little“ red car at noon at the car mechanic. First she showed me her office Riedl, McCloskey & Waring LLP and after I walked along the harbor to see the Urban Trees. Not all sculptures looked really like a tree, but there were some cute ones. I also phoned with my girlfriend and I’m proud of her that she passed the entrance exams for the ZHW study – well done my girl! Then I visited Seaport Village and turned back to Nancy’s office to pick up the car.

At 3 pm in the afternoon I took a private surf lesson at Surfari in Mission Beach. First training on sand and after 20 minutes we went in the shallow water to catch the waves and surf. It was not easy but after some trials it runs pretty good and my instructor decided to go further out in the ocean. That was tough and I drunk a lot of seawater, but it was a funny experience. After two hours I was really tired and my arms hurted from paddleing on the board. When I will find some time, i try it again like the Beach Boys – Surfin USA (If everybody had an ocean, Across the U.S.A., Then everybody’d be surfin‘, Like Californi-a).

surfing usa

In the evening I went out with Sang to a korean restaurant. I have never tried korean food before. The meal was served in a pan with rice and a lot of different side dishes. It was delicious and I can really recommend it. Thank you Sang for the nice evening.

our korean meal

Sang from Korea