time is running out

8. Juni 2007 4 Von blogstone

Today was my last school day at ICAE (International Center for American English) and I feel sad at the moment because time is running out. 11 weeks are over and everyone will go away next week after the exams. It’s a strange feeling to say goodbye and lose the connection to the people who you saw every day at school.

Todd (teacher), Mario, Chris, Seline, Romina, Francesca, me, Carola and Joel

Back to business. My second pre-exams were quite similar than the first exams:

22.5 points listening (30 points)
25 points reading (27 points)
28 points speaking (23 points)
24.5 points writing (21 points)
22 points use in english (20 points)

I had a total score of 122 points. If it was the real exam, i would have pass it with 2 points. I’m not really satisfied with my performence even if I had some improvements in the writing, speaking and use in english part. Otherwise I lose points in the listening and reading part. As a result I have to study hard in the following days to upgrade my grammar and writing to gain more points. I hope the enormous decrease in the listening exam was just because of my sickness.

Cambridge Exams
Next week on Wednesday, June 13 we will have the reading, writing, use in english and listening parts over the whole day and on Friday June 15 at 2.30 pm I have the speaking test together with Seline. I hope I will pass the exam.

My girlfriend will arrive on June 30, but up to now I have not decided what I will do in the two weeks after the exam. I have the following opportunities:

Roundtrip with Adrien and Baptist
They will leave San Diego and travel up to San Francisco and furthermore to an old hostsister of Adrien anywhere in nowhere and will come back to San Diego after two weeks.

Stay in San Diego
Stay here at my hostfamily for two weeks more. In the first week Carola will be here, but what should I do alone in the second week? Everyone of my friends will be away.

Visit Roger
Roger offered me to visit him in Canada. Why not, I guess that would be a nice trip, but I have to ask him for more details.

Every of these offers have advantages and disadvantages. I’m scared to stay alone here in San Diego while my friends are travelling around. Otherwise I’m not sure to go with Adrien and Baptist because I don’t know Adrien’s hostsister and I will travel a similar route together with my girlfriend. To visit Roger would be great, but what’s about the costs? I have really no idea what should I do and that makes me crazy.

First I look forward for the birthday party tonight of Sonja. She invited us for a limotour and I’m sure we will have a lot of fun.  On Sunday I will celebrate my birthday with a bbq. Perhaps I will find some time to overthink what should I do in the two unplanned weeks. Enjoy your weekend!