TOP 100 Swiss Startup 2016 Infographic

TOP 100 Swiss Startup 2016 Infographic

3. November 2016 6 Von blogstone

According to the Global Innovation Index 2016, Switzerland is the most innovative economy in the world, for the sixth consecutive year. Switzerland is home of Medtech startup MindMaze that became a unicorn after closing a 100 Million round early 2016. Faceshift, acquired by Apple at the end 2015, developed the facial motion capture software used in Star Wars. And the leading supplier of in vitro 3D microtissues for highly predictive drug testing InSphero is headquartered in Switzerland, as well as the first global on-demand staffing marketplace for temporary workers STAFF FINDER.

Swiss products have a high reputation for quality and reliability and the country is well known for engineering and manufacturing. Swiss entrepreneurs focus on high-tech ideas and do not hesitate to attack international markets. Here’s a look at startups beyond watches, banks and cheese that are younger than five years old:

1.     L.E.S.S. (Cleantech)

2.     Bcomp (Cleantech)

3.     Knip (Fintech)

4.     Flyability (Robotics)

5.     Sophia Genetics (Life Sciences)

6.     AVA (Wearable)

7.     Bexio (Fintech)

8.     Amal Therapeutics (Life Sciences)

9.     Gamaya (AgTech)

10.  Lunaphore (Life Sciences)

Check out the TOP100 Swiss Startups ranking on, where 100 experts choose their favorite startups every year since 2011. Learn more about Swiss startups and the 100 young companies of the TOP100 2016 in the special edition of the Swiss magazine Handelszeitung “Start-up”.

TOP 100 Swiss Startups 2016